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Meet Thomas / Casa La Reserva

You can book your stay at Casa La Reserva with NovelaCuba. At whose house?Thomas Verwarcht. Thomas is a Belgian architect. Where?In the Vedado. And how?Thomas welcomes you to his dream house as an architect. The spirit of the houseIf Casa La Reserva were a person… for Thomas “it would be an old lady who has […]

National Ballet of Cuba: An Unthinkable Dream in the Caribbean

A big dream come true: the creation of a classical ballet company on a small Caribbean island is celebrated every year on October 28th. The calendar travels backwards, it stops on this day of the tenth month of the year 1948… and the memory emerges: Alicia, Fernando and Alberto Alonso, the trilogy of the convinced […]

7 Reasons to Rent a Car in Cuba

Renting a car in Cuba does not work the same way as anywhere else in the world. Here are our tips to take the road with peace of mind! Because Cuba is first and foremost a huge favorite, at Novela Cuba we wanted to save you time thanks to our experience in the field and […]

Cuba at the casa particular - discover the casas particulares

How to recognize a casa particular? A casa particular is accommodation in a private house or in the home of the local people. The activity of casas particulares requires a license that is indicated for each accommodation by a blue logo. When the logo is red, it means that the license only allows the house […]

A Cultural Journey: Exploring the heart of Cuba >

Visual Poetics of Ileana Mulet

Maybe this could be the great secret of her work: a painting lost in thought, silent, almost whispering, that talks in a low voice, as if it talked to itself… It is like a dialogue with herself, in a quiet voice but asserting realities with the form and the color, or better, looking around with […]

Gerardo Alfonso… Havana lives in its songs…

The famous Cuban singer-songwriter Gerardo Alfonso, a member of the Nueva Trova of the 1980s, has been influenced as a composer by the likes of Silvio Rodríguez, Pablo Milanés, as well as by Brazilians Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil and Milton Nascimento. Although his music takes its inspiration from many other genres of Cuban music, including […]

María Eugenia Barrios: Passion in the Skin

Only pronouncing her name, Maria Eugenia Barrios, is to call synonyms that always guard her: love, passion, professionalism, culture, talent, desire to live/sing, art…, combined with a voice that even now delights and makes us feel under the skin strange sound sensations which awake dreams. Each May 31st, memories overwhelm our soprano María Eugenia Barrios […]

A Journey of Hospitality: the Lives of B&B Owners >

Casa Quizas - Owner interview

To where have we arrived?To Gerlinde Ladera’s house. From Switzerland, multilingual, versatile, open minded, has a passport for curiosity and good taste. As a professional nurse, she studied economy and art history in France, then she turned to psychotherapy, instructor, specializes in non-violent communication and is a passionate cook. She is also mother of one […]

Casa Angel e Isabel - Owner interview

To where have you arrived? To the house of Angel Manuel Camilo González, his wife Isabel, their daughter, her husband and an uncle of 70 years old. Angel is an engineer by profession, today he dedicates himself exclusively to the house and its guests. His true passion is his car, a Chevrolet Belair of 1955 […]

Meet Raúl & Katiuska / Casa Raúl y Katy

You can book your stay at Casa Raúl y Katy with NovelaCuba. Whose house?Raúl Mora Herrero and Katiuska López Delgado live on the first floor with their teenage daughter. The second and third floors are exclusively dedicated to the guest house with an independent entrance.Raúl has a degree in tourism management and is a university […]

Journey off the Beaten Path: Cuba by Car >

Car rental Cuba 5 exceptional routes

Taste a wind of freedom! That’s the invitation we give you at Novela Cuba. We have traveled for you the most beautiful roads of the island. Here are our favorites. Whether you are looking for a 15-day Cuba autotour, a Cuba autotour review, a Cuba autotour review or a Cuba autotour trip, find all our […]

Getting around in Cuba

What are the means of transportation available? TAXI There are four alternatives for taxi transportation: three private and one shared. We recommend the private taxi for a day trip. A collective taxi is not an opportunity to meet the local population, because most of the time they are reserved either for Cubans or for tourists. […]

Car rental Cuba with driver

Cuba is one of those rare destinations where it is possible to rent a car with a driver. An old-fashioned luxury that flirts with the nostalgia of old American cars and the change of scenery of a certain Latino elsewhere. Let Novela Cuba take the wheel for you! Car rental with driver in Cuba Let’s […]

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Meet Reinaldo / Casa Adela

You can book your stay at Casa Adela with NovelaCuba. Where?Reinaldo is Cuban and a national contemporary art collector. After 25 years in France, he returned to Cuba. This house embodies this return to basics. “Maybe that’s why I named her after my maternal grandmother, Adela. For me, having been raised by her, it was […]

Night Bars Havana

Here is our selection of addresses to frequent after sunset and until late at night. These establishments start the evening as cocktail bars and switch to discotecas after midnight. Because the kick-off of the festivities rings with the twelve strokes of midnight. And those who want to dance salsa will sometimes know how to wait […]

How to Obtain a Visa for Cuba: A Comprehensive Guide for Tourists and Travelers

Cuba has become an increasingly popular destination for tourists and business travelers from around the world. To ensure a hassle-free and enjoyable trip, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the local regulations regarding visas and health insurance. This comprehensive guide will help you navigate the process of obtaining a visa for Cuba, focusing on tourist […]

Moisés Finalé: Enigmas of the Creation

As he stands in front of his pictorial creations, the spectator is moved by so many enigmas… To look at them is like visiting the house of Penthesilea, the Renaissance’s fortune-teller, or like walking around the Ancient Egypt. It is to live as if we were in another state of the body and the soul, […]

Gerardo Alfonso… Havana lives in its songs…

The famous Cuban singer-songwriter Gerardo Alfonso, a member of the Nueva Trova of the 1980s, has been influenced as a composer by the likes of Silvio Rodríguez, Pablo Milanés, as well as by Brazilians Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil and Milton Nascimento. Although his music takes its inspiration from many other genres of Cuban music, including […]

National Museum of Decorative Arts 

Artistic and Historical Oasis There is a singular institution situated on the corner of 17th street and E, Vedado, in Havana. An artistic and historical oasis which will trap the retinas and the sensibility of the spectator. Crossing the threshold of the National Museum of Decorative Arts constitutes the beginning of a long trip through […]

Mercy Rivadulla… the Dream City Game

There is no doubt: this architect and painter is authentic. Like a puzzle, she rearranges her city of Havana as she wishes, with oil and acrylics on canvas. The spectator who “visits” her work will travel around many places, emblematic or not, and he will discover El Morro, the University of Havana, the Revolution Square, […]

Juan Padrón, the Father of Elpidio Valdés

Juan Padrón Blanco (January 29th, 1947, Jovellanos, Matanzas – March 24th, 2020, Havana), caricaturist, animated films producer, illustrator, strip cartoonist, and Cuban scriptwriter. Among his most significant works we have: Elpidio Valdés, Vampiros en La Habana, Filminutos, and Quinoscopios, which was created with the famous Argentinian comic strip artist and humorist Joaquín Lavado (Quino). The […]

Alberto Valladares, Metal Skin Dance…

Monuments are constructed of many materials, and this one sculpted by Alicia in the ballet Giselle is eternal, it comes from the very soul. That is the reason why, even after celebrating in 2020 the Centennial of the famous ballerina and founder – with Fernando and Alberto Alonso – of the National Ballet of Cuba […]

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