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7 Reasons to Rent a Car in Cuba

Last modified: December 29, 2021

Renting a car in Cuba does not work the same way as anywhere else in the world. Here are our tips to take the road with peace of mind! Because Cuba is first and foremost a huge favorite, at Novela Cuba we wanted to save you time thanks to our experience in the field and to the relationships we have built over the years.


Driving in Cuba is not dangerous. You are perfectly safe on the roads and behind the wheel. In this matter, Cuba is different from other Latin American countries. And this is also why you will choose to rent a car in Havana or elsewhere on the island because driving in Cuba is a real pleasure!


Who hasn’t experienced that exciting feeling of freedom when you put the key in the ignition and hit the road? The exhilaration of a road trip! Well, this is exactly the experience you will live when you will be in possession of your rental car reserved by Novela Cuba. All you have to do is to follow the road according to your desires and moods. Simply at your own pace. Each day you will draw your own itinerary. Cuba is yours! And you are the guide!


Cuba’s major asset? The absence of traffic jams. The dream of every road trip lover! No obstacles in sight. Just the immensity of the road and the landscapes in front of you.

We move from point A to point B without a bad surprise or a hitch. The traffic is not only perfectly fluid but also very light. You will ask yourself why this happens: because there is a very reduced number of vehicles in Cuba. So you will reach your casa in particular without any problems! And you won’t waste time getting stuck in a traffic jam. You will have complete freedom of movement!

No difficulties

Cuba recognizes all driving licenses. There is no need to present an international license. Forget about paperwork and other administrative procedures, the Cuban roads are waiting for you!

Frequency of public transportation

Why rent a car in Cuba? Public transportation does exist, but you have to book your tickets in advance and you are subject to the vagaries of their frequency.

Not to mention that the seaside resorts are generally not frequented by the local population, hence there are not public buses to get there (Cayo Levisa etc.). So car rental for those who like to take the road while remaining autonomous remains the best option.

Saving money

Renting a car with Novela Cuba is cheaper than private transportation.  Between private and public transportation, this middle ground is the perfect option. In short, if you wish to check the box for a reasonable price car rental in Cuba, this is the right choice. There are also several other options available to you: vintage car rental in Cuba or American car rental for weddings.


The rental car is not just a means of transportation, it is also a fabulous means of communication. It allows you to get in touch with the life that flows on the roadside, on the small roads. It is an open door for a 100% local color immersion! Because every day the show unfolds before your eyes. You will meet workers walking along the roadside, children coming back from school, the farmer with his donkey, the one driving his cart, this other one with his sound system full of hits… Life is here and you are the privileged witness at the wheel of your rental car. And at the first stop, the encounter with this population. The journey begins!

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