Adult-only Hotels & Family Hotels in Cuba

Last modified: February 20, 2023

Cuba lends itself as much to family vacations as to getaways with friends or couples. How do you go about identifying the right establishment for you? Novela Cuba guides you to the right choice.

Do you dream of sipping a cool Mojito on your terrace at the end of the day while watching the sunset over the sea, the mountains, or the roofs of a colonial city? Or sitting on a small shady square in the coolness of the fountains. Novela Cuba offers you these moments of pure contemplation and rest! Leave with peace of mind, Novela Cuba makes it easy for you to book your hotel. Our knowledge of the area and our teams of enthusiasts at your side make your trip easier.

Cuba for whom?

Cuba, with all its horizons, invites you to escape everyday life. Nature, culture, and seaside at the same time, this is a plural country. From historical sites to the intricate jungle, from the misty mountains to the turquoise waters of the Cayos, the island is perfect for heritage lovers, those who love to relax, and for those who love hiking and water sports. This immense wealth makes it an ideal destination for families as well as for an adult get-togethers. There is a hotel for every traveler’s profile. Novela Cuba helps you find your dream hotel!

How to book?

Best all-inclusive Cuba family

Children are always accepted in city hotels. However, it is important to know that in most cases these hotels accept only one child per room. So be careful when you make your research and booking requests. If you are two adults traveling with two children, keep in mind that you will often have to book two rooms. 

Which hotels to choose? Novela Cuba advice

In order to see more clearly and identify the hotels that receive children and those that are adults only, Novela Cuba advises you and has put in place easily identifiable “adults only” mentions. Remember to indicate in your search criteria if you are traveling with a child.

Adults only hotels

It is important to know that some “all-inclusive” hotels do not accept children. In this case, we take care to indicate this on our site with the mention: “adults only” or “this establishment is reserved for adults”.

Hotels for families

Hotel Sol Palmeras is ideal for families. This large resort is located on the beach in Varadero and offers all the amenities you could wish for a stay where different generations mix.

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