Car rental with driver in Cuba

Car rental Cuba with driver

Last modified: January 8, 2022

Cuba is one of those rare destinations where it is possible to rent a car with a driver. An old-fashioned luxury that flirts with the nostalgia of old American cars and the change of scenery of a certain Latino elsewhere. Let Novela Cuba take the wheel for you!

Car rental with driver in Cuba

Let’s start with an inventory. Cuban roads are not dangerous in terms of security but they are not perfect in terms of road conditions, at least according to European or Western standards. In these conditions, opting for a professional driver who will be available 10 hours a day represents a very appreciable comfort.

Traveling becomes synonymous with absolute freedom! The freedom to go wherever you want. The freedom to put yourself in the hands of someone who knows his island. The freedom to unload all concerns about the program, itinerary, and logistics. Your driver takes care of all these practical matters for you!

Contrary to a simple transfer which will be limited to transporting you from point A to point B, the option of renting a car with a driver allows you to make unexpected stops, to modify the itinerary according to your desires. In short, you have total flexibility.

All you have to do is sit comfortably on the back seat and let yourself be guided. From now on, your only occupation will be to observe, contemplate, daydream, and doze off at will… Taste travel in its purest essence: the journey.

Of course, the drivers are not guides, but you will be able to discuss with them and discover their country in their company. They will often represent your first contact with Cuba, its culture, its habits and customs, its landscapes, etc. A way to get to know the island.

Your driver will take care of any mechanical problems that may arise.

It is thus with a free and serene mind that you will let yourself be carried or even better rocked to the rhythm of the Cuban music.

Car rental with driver in Cuba according to Novela Cuba

In Cuba, not all drivers are professionals. This is where Novela Cuba’s expertise comes in. We work exclusively with professional drivers all year round. We know them personally.

Our selection criteria: We make sure that they are professional drivers and not guides. The distinction is essential in the eyes of Novela Cuba.

Our values: We also attach importance to certain qualities. Our drivers know how to be discreet. They know how to take care of their cars, which are in an impeccable state of cleanliness. They are committed to being punctual and to driving carefully.

Our know-how: Our office in Havana is in permanent communication with our team of drivers.

Advantage: In case of a prolonged mechanical problem our office in Havana will intervene to solve it and can even if necessary replace your car.

On the road together: Our drivers take care of their accommodation and meals. Of course, we can invite them for lunch or dinner if we want to create a more friendly link.

A day with our drivers: Our drivers are at your disposal 10 hours a day to cover a distance of a maximum of 400 km per day.

Rental conditions: The car is rented by the day. We recommend you to take it in the morning to enjoy your day with a return at the end of the day. Because if you pick up your car in the evening, you will be charged a first-day rental.

Gasoline: Either you pay it directly when you fill up, or you pay in advance a gas package and you will not be charged during your travels.

The different models of cars with drivers by Novela Cuba

Novela Cuba has selected for you three types of vehicles with drivers:

    • • The American cars from the ’50s

Impossible to resist the retro and glamorous charm of these iconic cars from Cuba. The downside: the suspension leaves something to be desired and the absence of a seat belt. But who cares! The fun is in the style! Then begins a swaying crossing to the sound of Cuban music that will remain memorable. The travel time is identical to that of more recent vehicles because under the vintage bodywork roar recent engines. These old American cars to make collectors green with envy are available to travel all Cuban roads from West to East. Notice to the amateurs!

    • Modern cars

These are vehicles of the intermediate category, spacious, and equipped with air conditioning. You will opt for this solution if you are 3 passengers on board (driver not included).

    • Microbus

Microbuses can accommodate 7 to 10 people with luggage. They are also equipped with air conditioning. It is the ideal mode of transportation for a trip with friends or family, to stay together.

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