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Last modified: May 30, 2023

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Reinaldo is Cuban and a national contemporary art collector. After 25 years in France, he returned to Cuba. This house embodies this return to basics. “Maybe that’s why I named her after my maternal grandmother, Adela. For me, having been raised by her, it was important and symbolic.” You are therefore welcomed by Reinaldo and his grandmother, but also a few cats and a dog! A real family home.

Reinaldo and Casa Adela

“My relationship with my house, by force of circumstance, is therefore very strong and intimate. This house represents my re-created roots and a rediscovered well-being. I restored it stone by stone, I put all my energy and my heart into it so that it corresponded to me.”

The terrace spirit

Casa Adela is spread out in terraces: two on the ground floor, one in front and one behind the house, then two others on the first floor, where the bedrooms are. You will therefore be spoiled for choice to have your breakfast in the morning and have a drink at the end of the day.

The Casa Adela style

Beyond its neo-classical architecture typical of Vedado houses, Casa Adela built in 1930 has a unique character: “It is the meeting of my past in Cuba, my past in France and what I am today . This is why its decoration mixes so many styles, eras in a cleverly thought out balance and according to the idea that I have of good Cuban, French past and current taste.”

Reinaldo’s signature

As a collector of contemporary Cuban art, the master of the place has invested all the walls with works signed by the greatest Cuban artists of the 20th century. In addition to this hanging, the ground is occupied by sculptures.

Hospitality according to Casa Adela

“I receive people at my place so I want my guests to feel as good there as I feel good there, that they are seduced as much by the house as by myself!” announces Reinaldo. Friendly and considerate, to receive and please him is always a real pleasure. The icing on the cake: “my 25 years of experience in catering bring that little bit extra to the plate and are certainly also expressed through my friendliness.”

Reinaldo’s favorite moment

“ Early in the morning, but I could also say at the end of the day… Those moments when time is slower, as if suspended. We can then take advantage of the present moment, appreciate more the interiors as well as the exteriors of the house. The light is beautiful and crossing, the noises of the city are muffled, it is a time conducive to contemplation.”

Reinaldo’s favorite place

At the end of the day, Reinaldo likes to relax on the back terrace on the ground floor and enjoy the garden. “I listen to the birds doing their business, I also listen to the notes of a piano in the distance… A bucolic moment but always punctuated by a sound of Cuba.”

Special sign

“Casa Adela is not a sleeping beauty!” declares Reinaldo who likes to involve her in national events such as the biennial where Cuban artists take over the premises. The house then becomes a place of encounters, exchanges and discovery to the delight of its guests.

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