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Cuba at the casa particular – discover the casas particulares

Last modified: August 25, 2022

How to recognize a casa particular?

A casa particular is accommodation in a private house or in the home of the local people. The activity of casas particulares requires a license that is indicated for each accommodation by a blue logo.

When the logo is red, it means that the license only allows the house to receive Cubans and not foreign tourists.

How do I book a casa particular in Cuba?

If you speak Spanish well, you can call the casas particulares directly to make your reservations. But if you don’t, don’t panic! Booking and Airbnb and Novela Cuba also allow you to make your reservations in Cuba.

Availability of Cuban casas particulares

When you search on our website for a casa particular, a small orange lightning bolt appears next to the price.

The orange color indicates that the availability of the casa is “awaiting confirmation for 48 hours”. This means that if you make a reservation, you will need to wait 48 hours maximum until our services confirm or not the availability.

In this case, your credit card will be charged at the moment of confirmation and not at the moment of booking (where only a debit authorization will be requested).

In case of confirmation, you will receive the invoice and the voucher by e-mail.

Book your casa particular with Novela Cuba – The Advantages!

Novela Cuba has selected some casas particulares for the quality of the services provided (reception, breakfast service, etc.) as well as for the architectural quality of the house and its atmosphere.

Indeed, if the house is splendid but there is not a nice welcome, the stay will not be very pleasant. This casa will not be included in our selection.

On the other hand, for a more modest house, a warm and personalized welcome will make the stay very pleasant. This casa will be selected.

Of course, a very beautiful house where there is also a nice warm welcome will be automatically selected!
All the owners have been in contact with Novela Cuba for years, we know them very well. Some casas even work exclusively with Novela Cuba.

From Monday to Friday, from10am to 7 pm, the Novela Cuba team provides telephone assistance from Paris to advise you in French, English, and Spanish before making your reservation.

Once in Cuba, Novela Cuba’s team provides telephone assistance in French, English, Spanish and Russian from Havana 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all our clients.

Novela Cuba has two state-approved offices, one in Havana and the other in France.

By booking with Novela Cuba, you benefit from the guarantees linked to these two entities.

What is Casa particular in Cuba?

The casas particulares are the equivalent of a homestay or a guest house.
This type of accommodation works like a small hotel.

The house can be rented entirely or by room, with the owners being present in the accommodation to welcome you, serve breakfast, etc.

Bed linen is provided by the house. The bathroom is always private unless otherwise indicated.

The accommodation is equipped with a fan or air conditioning.

However, it is not possible to prepare your own meals using the kitchen, except in the case of accommodation booked in full.

Breakfast is always included if you book with Novela Cuba.

The check-in time is usually 4 pm and the check-out time is 12pm like in hotels.

Why sleep in a casa particular in Cuba?

  • The interest in staying in a house in Havana and in the whole island is multiple:
  • The cost is generally lower than in hotels.
  • The contact with the inhabitants.
  • To taste a homemade meal, for example, a lobster from Cuba.
  • To live the experience of a stay in splendid colonial houses for an accessible price


More and more casas particulares are equipped with wifi.

These connections are often not free. Please ask the owner directly.


Most of the owners have some knowledge of English, some speak French.

Which neighborhood to choose in Havana?

The four main neighborhoods are Old Havana, Centro Habana, Vedado, and Miramar.

The whole city is colonial and popular. So there is no need to stay in Old Havana to enjoy the atmosphere of a historical colonial district.

The four districts are about 8 km long. Since there is no traffic jam in Havana, driving through the city along the Malecon is very fast.

Apart from the first line of houses on the waterfront overlooking the Malecon where towers are built, the Vedado and Miramar are recognizable by their wonderful colonial houses with gardens and parks in great numbers.

It is in these neighborhoods that you will find the most sophisticated casas, very good restaurants, the Plaza de la Revolución, and the Fabrica de Arte, a cultural place not to be missed in Havana.

  • Vedado: This has been the real downtown for 100 years. Vedado and Miramar have very wide streets on the American model of the 50s.

We prefer Vedado more central than Miramar and Old Havana and also more interesting in terms of public places than Centro Habana.

To go from Vedado to Old Havana on foot is a 1-hour walk, 8 min by car.

  • Old Havana and Centro Habana: due to the density of housing, the streets of these neighborhoods are winding and noisy.

The Old Havana district is the most touristic with a concentration of squares, and emblematic monuments such as the Capitol or the Opera.

Centro Habana resembles Old Havana but without having benefited from many restorations, those being always in progress.

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