Ivette Cepeda, Lady Emotion

Ivette Cepeda, Lady Emotion

Last modified: December 28, 2022

The charismatic singer Ivette Cepeda, in each concert, unleashes enthusiasm, attracts love, travels by several paths of the song and holds us by the hand, in her particular way, through those visited places of passion that she knows perfectly. She offers some unforgettable instants with the music, her voice, and her limitless interpretation that is feeling.

Since the very beginning, the Artist sang from her soul. That is why, after 27 years given to music, she can reap a sweet harvest. Those applauses and ovations accompany her stage work as if they were a beautiful symphony of gratitude performed by the people. She has left a great trail in her way, notes of intense passion registered already as a synonym of her name: Ivette Cepeda, Lady Emotion; because when the melody passes by the sieve of her personality, the piece acquires a singular tone. There is a telluric force in her voice, inside her, that emerges without magic: she sings from the heart.

Ivette Cepeda has set in the right place the interpreter condition; she has come to fill a deep void in this gender of singers that, in Cuba, has known many names over the years. She possesses a vast repertory, with diverse artistic lineage, and goes with the same passion through boleros, traditional trova, new trova, “filin”…, without rejecting authors from Our America and from other latitudes that befit her language; because it is a precise condition that her feelings are fulfilled, that they suit her personality, that it exists an intimate dialogue with her. Otherwise, Ivette could not be what she is, an artist in the wide sense of the word, genuine and original.

She has constructed her career from the first step, and it advances by leaps and bounds. She is very well known in Cuba, and she has left marks in different places of Latin America, United States of America, and Europe. But she remains the same Ivette. Her concerts everywhere are full to bursting. When Ivette Cepeda, together with the Reflexion band, performs, she provokes applauses and ovations, time is cheerful, she travels through memories and we enjoy the good art she offers.

Looking backward, in a very special place of her memory she saves: Neptuno hotel, 1993. There began a history that continues weaving remembrances and happiness; it was the first impulse among thousands of beats shared on the stage. Later on she raised her voice -as she herself refers- at the Copacabana, the Cohiba and La Divina Pastora. She sang in Portuguese, English an Italian and that is how she arrived, in 1997, to Chrystal Palace Casino -in Nassau, Bahamas- where she stayed for two long years. Later she would sing with Habana Mia company (2002- 2006) which took her through Spain, Germany, Ukraine, Honduras. In 2007 she sang in the Blue Moon cruise in the Baltic and the Mediterranean, invited by Traje Nuevo group. A year later, she appeared in the Gato Tuerto Club, and in the eleventh month of 2008, with her concert Estaciones, she began his career as a soloist.

The two unforgettable concerts experienced in November 2018 at the gigantic Karl Marx Theater, Miramar, -crammed with people everywhere during the two days- talked about those ten years of Concerts. Those experiences, every one of them, were the basis that would permit her to raise her voice again now, with a very proper aesthetic sense.

Toni Piñera
Author Placeholder

Journalist for more than 30 years at the Granma newspaper, art and dance critic, professor at the National Academy of Fine Arts San Alejandro, curator of Cuban art exhibitions (former director of the La Acacia gallery, Havana), poet.

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