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Casa Las Artes – Owner interview

Last modified: October 30, 2022

You can book your stay at Casa las Artes with NovelaCuba.

To where have you arrived?

To Roidley Pérez Navarro’s house who is an artist. His studio is within the house. If you choose to stay here you a subject to be a privileged witness of the creative process. At the same time from being a painter Roidley pplays the guitar. His wife and daughters also like to paint. It’s a family constituted by six artist: Gretel and Roidley play the guitar with his two daughters of 13 and 7 years old and Gretel’s parents.

Where is it?

In Trinidad.

Its seal

Guests that come to the artist’s house are welcomed. The rooms are decorated with paintings that combine elements from the academic styling with contemporary strokes which gives the unique air that makes the House Las Artes a singular place.

A matter of style

Guests come to House Las Artes not just because of its name. It’s a house structured in colonial style, built in 19th century in the middle of the town. It was acquired by Roidley’s family in the 1940’s. It conserves its original structure with great walls of stone and wooden roofs, typical elements from that time.  

How does it work?

The gusts will stay in the house of an artist, more like if they were staying in a regular guest house. Two rooms are were made for this with an independent entry through the garden.

Like if you were in Paradise

‘’We have established already a nice relationship the hummingbirds of our garden, we feed and even pet them sometimes. It’s so rare and precious almost like we were living in paradise.’’

The surroundings of House Las Artes

When the guest walks outside, they we find themselves in the heart of the city. Three blocks away there is the Central Park Carlos Manuel de Céspedes with banks, restaurants, and markets, the Iberoestar Heritage Gran Trinidad, etc.

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