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Last modified: October 30, 2022

At whose house?
Thomas Verwarcht. Thomas is a Belgian architect.

Where is he?
In Old Havana.

What is it?
It’s a 19th century solar, in other words a building that housed several families, in a way the forerunner of apartment buildings. Then part of it was used as a guest house for several years. Thomas and his associates were asked to take over the management of 3 flats, based on their experience in the hotel business.

The style
A noble architecture with an interior courtyard, arcades and a majestic entrance.

The spirit of the house
Thomas’ first intervention was to bring in his favourite gardener, the author of the jewel gardens of his other houses (La Reserva, Casa Napper). The man with the green thumb created curtains of greenery with cascades of plants. On the architectural side, Thomas refreshed the house and furnished it. “If this house were a person, it would be a grand dame, a sleeping beauty to whom we came to give life! Its white walls have great potential,” explains Thomas.

Hot spot
Casa Loft overlooks Havana Bay and has a rooftop bar where breakfast with a view is served! Unbeatable location.

Thomas and his associates aim to instil their hospitality and put their signature warm and personal service on the map.

Being at the right time in the right place
The sunset over Havana Bay is an unforgettable moment. “With a good fish, a glass of white wine, the boats going in and out… Old Havana has the defect of being noisy and dusty, but up on the roofs of Casa Loft, at the end of the day the bustle calms down and intimacy is created.”

Special feature
The richness of this solar is that there are still Cuban families living there. So it is a lively place with a real social life. “On the ground floor is Adonis, a young painter who exhibits his paintings in his studio flat. We have become friends. It was a great meeting! He is now part of our project. His flat overlooks the patio and we’re going to turn it into a small pastry café. Adonis has also become an ambassador for his neighbourhood, giving guided tours for Casa Loft clients.

To turn the rooftop bar into a restaurant open to the public, an arty place with a strong identity where the neighbouring painter Adonis will intervene. To be continued!…

Leaving the house…
Immersion in a very popular area with families, shops and great animation.

Sabine Bouvet
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For Novela Cuba, this freelance journalist gives voice to those who receive you. She paints house portraits and serves up slices of Cuban life. In search of places near or far and inspiring encounters for travel, lifestyle, adventure, and publishing press; Sabine shows the beauty of the world and highlights those who protect it.

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