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Last modified: October 30, 2022

You can book your stay at Casa Norma with NovelaCuba.

Who will host you?

Daniel and Erwann, Daniel is Cuban and Erwann is French

Where is it ?
In Centro Havana but in a non-touristic zone. ‘’So we are immersed in as neighborhood completely surrounded of Havana’s lifestyle! Coming out of the house, to the left is Trillo Park, a public place where everyone In the area comes to the WIFI hot spot, and to the right we are a few blocks away from San Rafael and its big market with fruits and vegetables’’. It’s guaranteed that the guests will be diving into the colors of this neighborhood.

The house is an oasis for peace, vegetation and charm in the heart of Havana. And while the city can be spellbinding, noisy and baffling at the same time, House Norma emits a soothing harmony.

A special phrase

There is phrase that comes to light often: we arrived as clients and we left as friends. These words says everything about the reception. ‘’We like to forego of some of the usual conveniences, like in more the more formal aspects, for example. We address each other casually with our guests, we prefer to immediately break the ice’’.

The soul of House Norma
If House Norma were a person… it would be a friend to Daniel, his best friend. ‘’I congratulate her, she listens to me, I help her and she returns the favor. In my eyes she is always beautiful and shiny’’.
Erwann, on the other hand, sees it as Pygmalion. ‘’This house is our creation and I constantly do my best to make it prettier, comfortable and above all welcoming’’.

The best time of day

It is breakfast: ‘’The guests arrive the day before, having supper on the plane, and after good night’s sleep they wake up refreshed and happy to be here, hungry and curious to discover what is outside’’. Erwann and Daniel are always present during this special time. They take care of the service, prepare different specialties for the morning and eager to answer any inquiries that the guests may have.

Their favorite place

The terrace. Here is where everyone gathers, especially at the end of the day. Daniel loves his plants, he waters them, even talks to them. Erwann prepares the scenery: ‘’you can see the sea and feel a soothing breeze, listen to music, have glass of rum and receive friends or guests, all that under the Havana sky. A small piece of paradise!’’

A story about family
When the renovations for House Norma started, Daniel’s father gifted him all the furniture for the living room and dining room. The furniture is in dark mahogany in a Spanish renaissance style. ‘’This gift derives from the houses style, the sobriety in its forms, the color and quality of the materials’’.

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