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Casa Quizas – Owner interview

Last modified: October 30, 2022

To where have we arrived?
To Gerlinde Ladera’s house. From Switzerland, multilingual, versatile, open minded, has a passport for curiosity and good taste. As a professional nurse, she studied economy and art history in France, then she turned to psychotherapy, instructor, specializes in non-violent communication and is a passionate cook. She is also mother of one child.

Gerlinde has known Cuba since 2005, and married to a Cuban man.

In Havana City, Vedado.

Who will host you?
Gerlinde will receive you in her filled-with-history colonial style house which has been restored respecting its former identity. The interiors are decorated with much effort and sense of detail. It was possible to conserve the original doors and windows. The garden is exuberant and tropical. Gerlinde expresses: ‘’the house has a really good vibe, our guests sleep very well here’’.

A story of friendship
‘’My house is my friend. A friend that shelters me, protects me and gives me comfort every day in the morning when I wake up. To share her is the next thing that gives me joy’’.

Her Style
Gerlinde bought this house in 2013. The House ‘’Quizás’’ was in very bad conditions at the time. It took her 4 years to restore it ‘’because there are few construction materials here, so every aspect had its own story and represented an adventure in its self, like when I had to resort to the black market’’.

It’s warm house where its nice to stay. Gerlinde llikes to site in the terrace and talk with her guests, friends or to simply observe the garden and her tropical birds. ‘’The whole house is like an oasis in the capital’’.

The House ‘’Quizás’’ comes with surprising tranquility and good amount of comfort. For Gerlinde, her 5.4m high ceiling is no stranger to the sensation of peace.

A personalized hospitality
‘’Each guests is received with joy and love, respecting everyone’s particularities’’.

Gerlinde’s favorite part of the day
‘’There is not just one part of the day. Each moment of the day, depending on the suns position, the house vibrates with different lighting. And when it’s dark you can go to the rooftop to observe the stars’’.

Gerlinde’s den
‘’I love to be cooking in the kitchen, preparing yummy meals for us and at ours gusts request’’.

Interesting sites to visit

The Cemetery of Cristóbal Colón
Designed by the arquitect Eugenio Piedra, at ten minutes form the house, it is a huge cemetery with historic buildings, ‘’where you can find many historic personalities buried, impressive!’’
12th Street and Zapata, Vedado

Fábrica de Arte
A cultural center with expositions, theater, concerts, personalities, and more, everything regarding art. ‘’It’s a place needles of words, at the same time it is fascinating, impressive, active, moving, sponsor of encounters, etc. And, it is also a club at night, always with live music’’.
26th and 11th Street, Vedado

El Cocinero
“A restaurant of quality that is not common in Cuba, where the preparation is not that refined. But I really enjoy its atmosphere, the terrace in the open with its plants and its pleasant lighting’’.
26th and 13th Street, Vedado

Sabine Bouvet
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