Casa Viceversa

Casa Viceversa – Owner interview

Last modified: October 30, 2022

Who will host you?
Tania and Cesar. Tania is from Switzerland and Cesar is Cuban.

Where is it?

In Vedado, Havana.

How is the reception?

Tania and Cesar welcome the guests in their home, where they live with their two daughters.

The soul of the house

If this house were a person…. It would be like a third child for Tania. Tania his very caring and kind with her guests. Her goal is that everyone feels at home. Every day, Tania and Cesar enjoy happy moments in House Viceversa. Joy is the seal of the house, and it’s very contagious.


In the architectural design, you can find ruff materials like reinforced concrete and forged steel in the industrial style. In the decoration there is the elegance of the chandelier and furniture from the 1930’s and 50’s. Each piece has a story to tell since all of them were selected through the years, especially during the two years they spent reconstructing the house.

The story of an encounter
‘’This project has turned our lives around, it’s a family-project: to leave Paris for Havana!
The word Viceversa is about the story of this house, of the contrasts and the unity. Tania and Cesar bought the front part first, later they had the chance to buy the back part which dates from the year 1929 and was adjoined to the front before 1959.

For Tania and Cesar ‘’Viceversa means reciprocity, but there is also a philosophical meaning to it and that it’s a game between polarities’’.

The best time of day

The appetizers! Tania and Cesar love to listen to the life stories, adventures and experiences from their guests. They enjoy to create special moments for sharing with them.

Their favorite place

The terrace at the entrance and the one with a panoramic view are the favorite places for the couple. Two spaces that embody hospitality.

Life in a Castle
Tania loves to tell the story about the time, upon entering the living room and discover the big and majestic chandelier, a little boy from Paris exclaimed: ‘’it is like a castle!’’ A modern castle that is ultra-friendly and welcoming!

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