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Last modified: October 30, 2022

You can book your stay at Casa Vieja 1840 with NovelaCuba.

At whose house?
Karen Martinez.

Just 30 metres from the Plaza Vieja, in the historic centre of Old Havana.

A bed and breakfast completely renovated in 2012.

Immersion in the colonial style. Inside, a refreshing wave of blue bathes the rooms with beams and doors highlighted in this soothing hue.

The spirit of the house
“We have created a team spirit. We are more than just colleagues, we are a family, and it is with this family concept that we receive our clients.”

Special feature
An illustrated book is available to guests. It tells the whole story of the house since its renovation and its first year. This is another way of getting to know Casa Vieja 1840 and witnessing the birth of a love affair and an embellishment. Or how the history of hospitality is written.

The best place
“The terrace! Everyone agrees. It’s the place that brings everyone together! This is also where salsa and Spanish classes are held. So for those who want more than a simple tourist stay, these activities are opportunities to encounter Cuban culture.

The best time
Breakfast. A moment of sharing where Karen and her team exchange with the guests. Taking the time to get to know each other, to listen to each other’s expectations for the day, to give good addresses.

The story of a piece of furniture
“The table on the terrace used to be a door. But in order to be environmentally responsible, we chose to up-cycle it and turned it into a table. Today it has become an object of curiosity, attracting the attention of customers in particular. When a stay inspires you to decorate!

Ambassador’s evening
Casa Vieja 1840 hosted a rare event: a dinner for Dutch senators. “It was an extraordinary evening,” recalls Karen, who has fond memories of the experience. When Casa Vieja 1840 becomes the Dutch Embassy for an evening!

Sabine Bouvet
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