Traveling with Young Children to Cuba

Last modified: March 2, 2023

Our tips and suggestions if you are planning to travel with your children to Cuba. A destination where cultural visits and recreational activities find a balance that allows both young and old to enjoy.


Cuba is one of the safest destinations on the planet to travel with your children. Cubans love children. They will spontaneously come up to greet them and address them directly or rub their heads tenderly. They will not hesitate to play with them or make them laugh. So simply traveling with children will guarantee you an instant sea of sympathy.  

Keep in mind that physical contact is part of Cuban culture. Cubans are tactile and show affection with warmth, as is also the case in southern Europe. 


There are no health requirements for children. There are no specific vaccinations for travel to Cuba. For the latest Covid 19 regulations, please consult our website.

Of course, you can consult your doctor for special cases. It is difficult to buy medicines in Cuba, so we recommend that you take the ones you need with you. Please note that some medicines are controlled and their entry into the country may be restricted. It is possible to buy medicines at the pharmacy of the Cira Garcia Hospital.

Do not forget to bring sun protection.


It is advisable to bring a copy of the birth certificate, or the original document, where the names of both parents appear; especially if the surname of the children is different from that of one of the parents.

Check that the accommodation booked (hotel or private house) accepts children, as some establishments only accept minors from 16 years of age.


Sometimes it is also difficult to find cribs or bassinets. Therefore, children often have to sleep in their parent’s beds. 

Baby seats

Baby seats are mandatory in cars. But most of the time taxis and rental cars do not have them. 

Baby cars

Havana’s pavements are rarely stroller-friendly; even some streets still have cobblestones from colonial times. For these reasons we usually recommend baby carriers. 


In restaurants, the food is usually child-friendly. In most of these places, you will find highchairs available for your children to sit with you. On the other hand, it is difficult to find some products such as powdered milk for the bottle, so we recommend that you carry it in your luggage; you should provide enough for the whole stay. We also recommend that you always drink bottled water.


Think about providing some games for your children as it is difficult to find them in Cuba. However, weekends are dedicated to children. There are many outdoor activities for them in places like the Parque de la Maestranza on the famous Malecón, with bouncy castles and fairground rides with lots of goodies.

– The Havana Planetarium, located in Plaza Vieja, houses an astronomical observatory and a large exhibition hall. 

– The double-decker tourist bus is a big hit with the little ones, who like to sit on the open-air upper deck; ideal for touring the city’s main attractions. With just one ticket you can hop on and off at your leisure and enjoy the tour at your own pace.

– La Colmenita Theatre Group also offers quality theatrical performances of international renown. We invite you to take a look at their program.

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