Why rent a car with Novela Cuba? – 8 good reasons to choose Novela Cuba

Last modified: January 9, 2022

Since 2001 Novela Cuba has been present in Cuba and has established privileged links with car rental companies. Today, we are the specialist in car rental on the island. We know the ins and outs of the car rental business and offer outstanding customer service. To take the road without stress, here are 8 good reasons to choose us!

100% of our customers have received a car

It seems obvious to rent a car and pick it up at the counter. However, in Cuba, things do not work like that! On the contrary, very often, the traveler finds himself without a car. At Novela Cuba, we are proud to say that each of our clients has received his car.

We speak your language

We welcome you and answer all your questions in French, English, Spanish, and Russian, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, thanks to our team on-site in Cuba. As for our Novela Cuba team in Paris, it answers and accompanies you in French, English, and Spanish from Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 7 pm (GMT 1).

20 years of experience

Because we have been visiting Cuba as travelers for more than 25 years and as a tour operator specializing in the destination for more than 20 years, we have been able to develop a personalized service from A to Z.

How do we work?

Novela Cuba has its own agency in Havana (an office recognized by the Cuban State) and an agency in Paris. This means that we are at your side at every step of your trip. By booking with us, you benefit from the guarantees linked to these two entities.

A very large fleet

Novela Cuba works with the four rental companies on the island, and thanks to this we have access to a large stock of cars.

Important fact: You will not find in Cuba the usual international rental companies (Avis, Hertz, EuropCar, etc), because they are simply not present on the island.

Only four rental companies share the territory and they belong to the State. They are Via Gaviota, Rex, Cubacar and Havanautos. Novela Cuba works with all four.

How does it work?

– Rex has more upscale vehicles. They are always automatic.

– Havanautos also offers automatic cars but at a lower price; in other words, they have models of a more standard category.

– At Cubacar, the cars are manual, so their selection responds to the preference of some customers for manual driving.

But in general, the quality of service is identical from one rental company to another. A service that is not always the best one.

It is, therefore, the choice of the agency, between you and the rental company, which will make all the difference. Because the level of service provided on arrival will depend on it.

Moreover, to simplify things, Cuban rental agencies do not deal directly with the clients, they go through intermediaries. We are that privileged interlocutor!

Rental in Havana and all over the country

Novela Cuba is present all over the island. The rental companies have offices located at the airport or in the city center for most of the big cities (Varadero, Camaguey, Santiago de Cuba, Santa Clara…).

It is not necessary to take the car to the airport if you are already in the city center.

Whatever your request: car rental at Havana airport, city center, or on the rest of the island, we are able to provide you with a vehicle.

In the case of Havana, we recommend that you:

  • Take the car only when you leave the city for the province (no need to have a car in the city where you can take advantage of taxis – old 50’s cars)
  • Return the car downtown if you spend the last night in Havana.

A wide choice:

We offer a wide choice of models and options: automatic cars, manual cars, economy cars, family cars, 4 x 4, and SUVs (4 x 4 family cars).

Whatever you are looking for: old car rental, the price of the car rental in Havana, or the price of the car rental in Cuba; you will find that our rates are available online, so nothing could be easier than making a simulation!

Car models

We generally reserve a category of car in Cuba and not a particular model. Pay attention to the number of passengers and luggage capacity indicated for each category and its different models.

Booking in advance

There are few cars on the island. It is very rare to find availability on the site at the last minute. Therefore, the first rule of thumb to avoid any hiccups is to make your reservation as soon as possible before your arrival in Cuba.

Our vouchers

On our vouchers, we specify all the practical and useful information for the good functioning of the rental.

Our advice

We put at your disposal our experience to advise you and answer your questions:

How to drive in Cuba? What is the state of the roads and road safety?  What are the signs like? Road map and/or GPS? Gas station? Cost of gasoline? Parking at night? To take or not to take hitchhikers?

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