Ernán López-Nussa

Ernán López-Nussa

Last modified: January 20, 2023

He was born in Havana on September 10th, 1958. Since he was little, he showed his love for the music, and his natural talent. At a very young age he began his music studies, first at Alejandro García Caturla Conservatory, later at Amadeo Conservatory with Vivian Lamata and César López, and finally at the Superior Institute of Arts (ISA).

He is a prominent pianist and composer, known for having found Afrocuba. He has interpreted different music styles like the canción, the bolero as an accompanist, and other styles close to jazz.

His musical preferences are numerous, among which Count Basie, Miles Davis, Duke Ellington and others stand out.

The dances and standards, his compositions and improvisations, are unique pieces that open a steady and delicate path in the Cuban music. He has collaborated with interpreters such as Miriam Ramos, Haydée and Pablo Milanés.

His talent is present in albums like From Havana to Rio, Habana Report and Figuraciones, to mention some.

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