Casa El Porry – Owner interview

Last modified: October 30, 2022

You can book your stay at Casa El Porry with NovelaCuba.

Whose house?
Ricardo Corrales, known as El Porry, who lives with his wife and their two teenage daughters in the house next door. El Porry likes to work in the fields and cook.

In Viñales.

And how?
“We don’t see the customer as someone who just wants to come and stay. We want them to feel like family and to be able to spend time with us if they wish. We also give them the opportunity to choose from the services we offer without imposing anything.

An opinion that counts
It all started in 2017 with the launch of a single room for rent. “Over the years through a lot of hard work, effort, sacrifice and thanks to the advice of guests who stayed in the first room, other rooms have come into being.”

The favourite place
“For us and for most of the guests, it is the terrace! Because from this vantage point you can enjoy a magnificent view of the Viñales valley and the peace and quiet to read or simply relax.

The meeting
“The moment we enjoy most in the daily dynamics of the house is when we receive our guests. We explain the house to them and get to know them so that they feel at home.

A special feature
The house is named El Porry after its owner because the people of Viñales only know him as El Porry. “But most of the time travellers think it’s the name of a tree or a pet!

Leaving El Porry
Only a few minutes away from the house is the botanical garden, the tapas bar 3J, the cultural centre Polo Montañez, the Arte Sano garden, the restaurant El Olivo and also a church.

A la carte
Breakfast and dinner are also served, if you wish.
The menu of activities is just as tasty: excursions to the nearest beaches, collective and private taxi services, excursions with guides throughout the Viñales Valley.

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