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Last modified: October 30, 2022

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Whose house?
Raúl Mora Herrero and Katiuska López Delgado live on the first floor with their teenage daughter. The second and third floors are exclusively dedicated to the guest house with an independent entrance.
Raúl has a degree in tourism management and is a university professor.

Katy is a sociologist and is 100% dedicated to the house.

Raúl is passionate about sports, especially football, and is president of the only official FC Barcelona club in Cuba. As for Katy, she devotes as much time as possible to cooking and yoga.

Where do they live?
In Santiago, a few metres from the Plaza de Marte, the busiest square in the city centre.

Among the colonial buildings, this house stands out from its neighbours because of its more contemporary style. Its first floor dates from the 1950s – solid structure, plenty of light, high ceilings. The second and third floors were recently added as part of the guest house project. “It started as an inheritance from our parents and then became a real life project in which we put all our efforts, hopes and dreams.”

Favourite place
The Terrace, located on the third floor of the house, offers a panoramic view of the whole city and the Sierra Maestra. It becomes an oasis of tranquillity in the busy historical centre of Santiago de Cuba. It is a place to read, rest and share time with family and friends. “Its lush vegetation, combined with the view, makes it a favourite place not only for us but for our visitors. In fact, it is here that we have chosen to set up our restaurant and bar to the delight of our guests.

Our favourite moment
“Breakfast on the terrace because we can talk to our guests, guide them or help them with the itinerary of the day. We feel not only like guests but also part of the adventure of getting to know Santiago intimately.

A mission
Raúl and Katy have an objective, a mission: to give their guests a taste of oriental hospitality, that is to say, the tradition of regional hospitality that is characteristic of the east of the island.

A special feature
Art is omnipresent. Every room, lounge and terrace features works by important local artists. “From a painting, a sculpture or a mural, the guest can perceive a message about the city and this will allow him to get in touch with the culture and history of Santiago even without leaving the house.

A question of timing
Raúl Mora Herrero and Katy’s house is located in the historic centre on Heredia Street, the most unique street in Santiago, and is known as the cradle of son cubano (a Cuban musical genre based on a 4 beat rhythm).

The most
Raúl and Katy are on all fronts, from providing information on transportation to finding a Spanish or dance teacher to contacting a guide for a hike.

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