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Last modified: October 30, 2022

It is the house of Konrad Marchegger, Italian, native of the Dolimitas area, there for he is a man from the mountains. He arrived to Cuba for the first time in the year 2000 and liked the island so much that he decided to go discover it for himself and search for a place to live with his wife and build their small piece of heaven. This place is known now as House and Bar Tuti.

Where is it?
In Trinidad.

Konrad lives with his family which consist of his wife, his 6 year old daughter Valentina and his cat.
At another pace Konrad decided to leave his ‘’bella Italia’’ because for him ‘’life had turned to be very stressful in Europe’’ and above all he had the feeling of ‘’loosing what was more precious to him: time. Here in Cuba everything goes a t a slower pace, things are done with ease. What can’t be done today can be tomorrow, even the day after that’’.

The soul of the house
Konrad is an architect. He designed the project and managed the construction form the beginning. In three years the building was finished. ‘’And in Cuba, construction projects are not as easy as in Europe’’. The house belongs completely to the family. It was drafted to accommodate the new generations and watch his daughter grow. ‘’it’s a piece of heaven, filled with harmony and comfort’’.

Konrad is demanding and his house comes with all the latest features and technology proper of the European style: perfect thermic and acoustic isolation. ‘’It’s without a doubt a uniquely equipped house in Cuba’’. Because Konrad has a goal: to enjoy the European comfort living in the heart of a Cuban city that is unique in the world, Trinidad.

The hospitality
Just like Konrad and his family live in the very same house, they are at complete disposal of their guests. Their mission: make them feel comfortable and spoil them in the culinary area.

Konrad’s favorite time of day
‘’It is before dinner, with a glass of good wine and a conversation with our guests. At sunset, the temperature is warmer and it creates a beautiful atmosphere that invites to savior the moment. Our guests have already refreshed in their rooms, they feel rested and ready for the evening; they tell us about their day and, sometimes, they would talk to us about their own life experiences’’.

Konrad’s favorite place
The backyard. We sit on the rocking chairs under the shade of the parasol, with the board games and a small library compiled by the books left behind by guests. This is the perfect moment to order a cocktail and install oneself in the coolness of the atmosphere, save for the bustle from the streets of the city.

Life experiences
Konrad is never as happy as when he meets celebrities. He also has wonderful memories of nights he spent trying to ‘’change the world’’ with his famous guests like Pink Floyd’s manager, which turns out to be his favorite band. There have been talks with the manager of organizing a concert….Konrad also spent an evening with a Lord, sampling the best whiskeys of the house, as they exchanged life stories. Who said that in Cuba they only drink rum?

Places recommended by Konrad

The staircase
Even though Konrad prefers to stay at home, he likes to go there ‘’where there are always musicians playing at night, and in the afternoon, some just rehears and others play the same songs”.

Artisans y painters
Konrad likes to go visit them at their houses ‘’they always have something to show’’.

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