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Last modified: October 30, 2022

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To where have you arrived?

To Camilo’s house, a Belgian man in his seventies, world traveler in his sail boat, avid discoverer, adventurous and curious to know new cultures. He decided to anchor in Cuba in 1992. ´´It was the begging of tourism and Cuba appeared to him has the new ‘’El Dorado’’ for navigation and nautical activities’’.

Who will host you?

To stay in La Casona is to live together with the family: Camilo, his wife and his two daughters of 12 and 16 years old, one Labrador and 3 horses. The staff is always present and available. 

A trip in time

If La Casona were a person Camilo would feel entitled to protect them, for he feels an immense affection for this relic of the colonial period. Built in 1840, La Casona invites you to travel in time. Camilo has dedicated years in restoring the house with emphasis in conservation.

A small farm

In the outskirts of Trinidad this agrarian property is dedicated to the raising of cattle, a 14.000m2 piece of world with tropical vegetation, at 8km form the beach at the entrance of the rural area and at 15 minutes from the historic center.


To stay in La Casona is that you’ve chosen a unique and uncommon place. An oasis that is reached after going through the neighborhood at the outskirts of the city. It haves a spectacular view of the Caribbean Sea.

Camilo’s favorite part of the day

Sunset over the horizon of the Caribbean Sea, it gives the sensation of living in another period of time.  

Camilo’s favorite place

The stables in the morning

Yesterday’s and today’s history

In the colonial period, the main entrance of the property was used for carriages and the supply of water from the city, by the hand of Chinese slaves.  

La Cason is 200 meters away from the river.

On horseback with Camilo

To live at Camilo’s pace is to horseback riding, especially to go visit the waterfall El Pilón, which is approximately at 1 hour and 30 minutes from the house. It requires to cross the valley and mountain. A horseback ride that gives you access to the most profound and rural part of Cuba. An immersion to a different world. 

‘’The traveler has then the feeling that time has just stopped around them. Smartphones are out of place here, there is no electricity and cooking is with fire wood for the few farmers that live in the area’’.

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