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Paseo 206 – Owner interview

Last modified: October 30, 2022

To where have you arrived?
To the house of Diana and Andrea Gallina, a Cuban-Italian couple that brought together the best of Italy and Cuba in this Boutique Hotel.

In the year 2016 they opened ‘’Paseo 206’’ and its restaurant ‘’Ecléctico’’, after 20 years of living abroad dedicated to developing their projects. ‘’We have travelled a lot and have had the opportunity to meet wonderful people in the luxury hotels and travelling business, which have shared with us their knowledge. On the other hand, my family has a lot of experience working in the restaurants of Rome, that they transmitted to me and of Italian cuisine’’.

In the heart of Havana: Vedado.

A love story
Andrea and Diana met in Cuba when they were students. They married and finally returned to the island after 20 years in 2016, with their children and an ambitious hotel project in the luggage. For a year they renovated what would be ‘’Paseo 206’’. They chose to install in Havana because they is authorization for private projects.

They confirm that by raising their children in a safe place, and in a beautiful city, it is a guarantee for happiness.

‘’Paseo 206’’ is different from other lodgings because it’s a boutique hotel, also, it is the only establishment on the island classified as a Leading Hotels of the World. Andrea and Diana wish to offer an authentic experience with the comfort of their small luxury hotel.

What will you find?
The guests will stay in a house that was built in the 1930’s and restored to its former splendor, to the smallest detail.

This powerful mansion belonged to a senator that built it for his lover Elena. But loses it in a poker game. Now, Andre and Diana have deposited all of their love and effort in this house. They hired a team of Italian and Dominican architects to work and create balance between the style from early 20th century, tropical colors and the Italian style, at the same time searching for functionality and comfort in an establishment of high-end.

The history of a family
If ‘’Paseo 206’’ were a person…she would be like an old aunt for Andrea and Diana. An honorable elderly woman of great elegance who deserves every consideration. An aristocrat! Also, she is dressed formally: with marble from Carrara, wood work, a French chimney and Floss lamps, with an Italian design. A travel invitation: to experience Havana in fulfilled Dolce Vita of the 1940’s and 50’s. ‘’You could listen to a jazz piece or to Cuban rhythm. Like a dream come true’’.

A house different from others
‘’Paseo 206’’ comes with a service of maximum category: 24hrs reception, concierge service and a gourmet restaurant. Hermes products in the bathrooms, Frette bed ware and designed by the Italian master Gio Ponti, etc. Everything tied to the quality of reception and Cuban charm.

A master piece
The Library was the senator’s old office. With its wooded walls and stunning installations of Cuban artistry.
‘’This place is where we receive our guests when they arrive, it is also the place we chose to have a glass of rum after dinner’’.

The senator’s secrets
During the renovation of the wood work in the library the team discovered a small switch of bronze in senator’s office, on the floor in the middle of the room. What use did it have? A mystery! Eventually after some investigation they find out that the switch was connected to the kitchen. It was meant to alert the staff in the kitchen that the senator wanted tea or coffee. A very sophisticated and innovative installation for the 1930’s.

One day ‘’Paseo 206’’ receives a family at their door: they were the grandchildren and nephews of the senator’s lover Elena. They show some old photographs of themselves to Andrea and Diana, of children playing in the house. Emotion take them over when they see that the house has been restored respecting its heritage.

Recommended places

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A magnificent property that has been totally restored a block away from the hotel.

The Yellow Submarine
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17th and 6th Street. Vedado

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