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Last modified: October 30, 2022

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At whose house?
Thomas Verwarcht. Thomas is a Belgian architect.

In the Vedado.

And how?
Thomas welcomes you to his dream house as an architect.

The spirit of the house
If Casa La Reserva were a person… for Thomas “it would be an old lady who has had an extraordinary life. When I walk around this beautiful house, I think that I was lucky enough to meet her.

The service
Although the house offers a high level of service, Thomas intends to “keep a family spirit. There is nothing rigid about the service. And our guests appreciate the direct contact. There is a real simplicity that is not feigned, it is the image of the Cubans.

The style
“With its monumental staircase that welcomes you, Casa la Reserva is a direct invitation to travel back in time. La Reserva is in the typical neo-classical style of the Vedado, with all the architectural language of that period: high ceilings, spacious volumes. “Everywhere you look you are immersed in the spirit of the enlightened bourgeoisie that is typical of Cuba.

The story of a meeting
“It’s the story of a fantasy come true,” says Thomas, who arrived with a scholarship in the year 2000. He dreamed of a house in the Vedado that he could restore. “It’s an architect’s dream, an achievement. With two partners, he bought this 1914 building from the owner’s grandchildren.

The best hour
“In the morning when I arrive. I walk through the hall and there is a complete perspective from the gate to the bottom of the garden, where the fountain is; all in the early morning sun.” To make the most of this time, Thomas advises sitting in the garden with a coffee.

The best place
The garden. “It’s a fabulous experience in itself! With the help of a passionate gardener, Thomas has given it a complete makeover. By removing the asphalt he has recreated green areas. Today it is a lush and intimate oasis in the middle of Vedado.

La Bodega
This is the name of Thomas’ gourmet project. In an old garage converted at the bottom of the garden, “the first regional gastronomic restaurant”. In other words, a delicatessen corner and a gourmet counter where you can discover the various regional specialities of the island. “After years of bad food in Cuba”, Thomas wants to give pride of place to good local products and traditional recipes.

On leaving the house… Once through the gate, you are plunged into the Vedado, a very tree-lined, hushed neighbourhood with mainly palaces and large, dilapidated stately buildings. Thomas sees a real architectural interest in it. “Our clients love this mix of calm, greenery and neighbourhood life with vegetable carts, schools, children running around etc.”

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