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Casa La Siesta – Owner interview

Last modified: October 30, 2022

You can book your stay at Casa La Siesta with NovelaCuba.

To where you arrive?

To Sergio Enrique Luis Nodarse’s house, tour guide for 15 years with his wife who is a social worker, and have two children ( age 8 and 6). The house is at complete disposal, the family doesn’t inhabit it, but they will accommodate you as if you actually live their!

Where is it?

In Viñales.

A simple story

It’s the story of a modest family that lost their house, now called La Siesta, after hurricane Gustav in 2008. Once returned to the town of Viñales the family decided to slow rebuilt the country house to give it a more commercial purpose and different life. However, Sergio and his wife planned to offer an autochthonous concept, from using building materials such as wood and palm leaves, even the food is rural. To resume, it is very local kind of hospitality.

Favorite place

The terrace with the view of the Mogotes. It’s a great place to watch the sunset. During the day the guest can enjoy the peaceful scenery in the company of the garden flowers. 

Their seal

The Nodarse family compromises to perpetuate a service: ‘’filled with the small details in the way rural life is practiced’’.

The art of renovation

‘’We always strive to create dishes, we try to never repeat the same food. However white beans, lobster and the desserts are the most popular’’. 

From the farm to the table

During the pandemic period, Sergio redesigned the meals regarding and creating an ecological farm that would be their main supply for goods. Of the dishes that are served, 80% was extracted from the farm, (vegetables, tubers, etc).

The most beautiful place

‘’This is landscape of the Valley of Viñales where we reside. Our neighborhood is called El Palmar and you can see the majestic palm trees, of more than 60 years old, the Mogotes which is the mountain chain in front of the house’’. 

The surroundings La Siesta

Close to the house is the National Park of Viñales, the Botanical Garden, the Polo Montañez Cultural Center and the Indian Cave.

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