Casa Vista al Valle

Casa Vista al Valle – Owner interview

Last modified: October 30, 2022

Where have you arrived?

To house of Osiris Veliz, his wife and three daughters.


In Viñales

How it started?

Launched in 2009, the house is part of ecotourism project in an agricultural farm that haves impressive views of the valley, for this is its name sake: Vista al Valle (view of the valley)

‘’A viewpoint’’

‘’The break of dawn and sunset are moments of pure beauty, our terraces offer the best views’’.

Magical moments

‘’Have a coffee, smoke a cigar: two goods that are produced in our farm; also there’s the dinner prepared by the house.’’

Life in the farm

The Veliz project is an ambitious one because it goes beyond of the accommodation of guests. The Veliz intend to promote ecology as a ways for a healthier nutrition and aspire to self-sufficiency. They created the farm for organic permaculture plantations. This system of ecological agriculture originates from Cuba: urban farming of vegetables in adjoining parcels. Each parcel is surrounded by a small wall, later it is padded with dirt enriched with organic materials and water with small spring system.

 It also has a small chicken and rabbit farm.

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