Villa del Carmen

Villa del Carmen – Owner interview

Last modified: October 30, 2022

To where have you arrived?

To the house of María del Carmen Herrero Infante and José Raúl Mora Sánchez. José Raúl is a chemical engineer and María del Carmen is an economist. Today they are both retired and their work is focused on their guests. They love to cook, walk and practice yoga.

Where is it?

In Santiago de Cuba. 


The villa was built in the eighteenth century. Various generations have lived there. Through the years it has gained range and equipped with modern elements. The bedrooms are on the top floor. María del Carmen y José Raúl live on the ground floor.

An oasis

‘’Nothing compares with the patio-garden. To contemplate the plants and observe the different species there make this place very privileged’’. Here is where breakfast is served and cocktails are drank.


The Villa María del Carmen possess two large tinajones from Camagüey that date from the previous century, and usually attracts the curiosity of the guests. They consist of large earthenware jars that were placed in the backyard during the colonial period for water reservation during the drought season.

The specialties of the house

‘’The pancakes made by María are a dish unique in its kind. The guest like them so much that they order them for breakfast and dinner’’


The house is located in the center of the city, 10 minutes away from the central square, surrounded by the different museums and historic sites, like the site for the Tumba Francesa at 100 meters from the house, a place declared World Heritage in 2008.

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